Honda Showroom

Basic Info

Located at South Sulawesi, PLTU Takalar is the one biggest PLTU in Indonesia. As a project that gets priority credit from the Indonesian government and the Chinese government, the Takalar project want to have a building with the best electricity efficiency. Daikin VRV Cassette unit is the best choice for commercial user with full of convenience.

Designing office room for PT. Japfa Comfeed Sidoarjo with VRV efficiency energy which optimises compressor speed by calculating the required load for the entire system and optimal target refrigerant temperature based on data sent from each indoor unit.

By having branches in the area, Japfa wants to prioritize the convenience of the place and renovation of the old room to the new room. From Daikin VRV units, all indoor units connected in one building only need 13 outdoor units, this efficiency that makes it unnecessary to need a lot of outdoor units and easy control.


• Unit Selection
• Design
• Installation



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